spSchoolsPlus is a provincial initiative which aims to promote school success by connecting children, youth and their families to valued resources within their community.  SchoolPlus staff at your site work closely with parents and the wider school-community to identify potential supports, network, advocate and coordinate activities which families or schools identify as important.  We utilize a referral and consent process which allows individuals to highlight their interests or needs and enables SchoolsPlus staff to communicate with current or potential service providers. 
For information on the specific SchoolsPlus services available in your area contact the SchoolsPlus Community Outreach Worker, Laura MacAvoy, by phone/text at 464-2094.  
To learn about general information on SchoolsPlus supports within the Halifax Regional School Board please contact the SchoolsPlus Leader at  902-430-4519.
If you are interested in learning more about SchoolsPlus we invite you to visit our Halifax Regional School Board link at or the visit the SchoolsPlus section on the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development website at