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You Tube Video on MLA Citations:

Works Cited Page Sites:


  •  Make sure you’re in MLA Style
  •  Choose “Manual”
  • Click on tab for source type (i.e. website, book, article, et cetera)

Works Cited Tips:

  • Don’t call your source, “Ebsco”  (it’s the journal or magazine that published it, EBSCO is just a database).
  • Don’t call your video “YouTube” or “Netflix” – use the video’s title.

Tips on Creating Titles:

  • Like the aroma of a delicious meal, a good title gives your reader a hint of what your essay is about and arouses curiosity and interest, but it does not tell all.
  • Try alliteration or other type of figurative language.
  • A winning title will hook your readers into your writing.
  • Try not to have it sound like your thesis or the question you answered!
  • Capitalize first, last, and all other important words.  Punctuate it by putting in quotations “Title”
  • Entire essay, size 12 font – even title!
  • You do not need to double-space your final draft.

Suggested Sources:

  • PBS – Go to “Topics” or “Teacher” and explore
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Learn360 Online video library (videos): click here
    USERNAME:  NSstudent515
    PASSWORD:  videolibrary
  • EBSCO Database of academic sources for grades 7-12 (articles): Online research databases Canadian Student Research Centre (7-12).  Students can research, print and cite articles that have appeared in hundreds of newspapers, journals, encyclopedias and magazines.
    EBSCO Student Access
    At school: Just visit the website, no passwords needed
    At home: Visit the website and use your school’s
    Username and Password: HRSB, HRSB
  • HRM Library Teen section (newspaper articles, encyclopaedia articles, academic articles)
    Go to “Homework”; find subject that matches your topics, click and explore.
    Try WorldBook using library card numbers:  23293007321254, 23293007321189, 23293007321106,
    23293007321080, 23293007321064, 23293007320728

Google Hacks

  • You have up to 32 terms to search!
  • It always assumes “and” between words.
  • No capitals are needed
  • Want to eliminate something? (i.e. science Big Bang, not TV show just “–TVshow”)
  • Want words in specific order? Put them in “ “
  • For only academic results, go to scholar.google.ca