What Do I do If I Have Concerns?

Q: How do I approach the school when I have concerns?
A: First, you should contact the school staff member who is directly involved, and meet with them at a mutually agreed upon time to talk about your problem. If your concern is not resolved after that meeting, you should call the principal. The principal will work with you and the other party to settle the issue.

If you still are no’t satisfied, then you can contact the School Administration Supervisor who will investigate your complaint. If the matter cannot be resolved by the above steps, the board has a Parent Concern Protocol which provides a reporting form to lodge a formal complaint. The written complaint is sent to the School Administration Department for further investigation and action.

Q: How long will I wait for a response to my concern?
A: Generally, you will only have to wait 48 hours for a response from a teacher or administrator after you make the first call. How long it will take to resolve the problem will vary depending on the nature of the concern.