Bicentennial School Wish List

Hello Community!

Bicentennial receives an annual budget that allows us to purchase the basic items needed to run our school.  However, there are many other things that staff have identified that would enhance the learning and climate in our building.  We have two major fundraisers each year; our Walk & Read-a-thon in the fall, and the Spring Fair.  These two events allow us to purchase many of the items on our wish list, but not all.  So we’ve decided to publish our list, in hopes that there are community members who may have the means to help out.  Some of the items would gladly be accepted in used condition, and if you wanted to donate funds (all or some) and earmark it for a particular item–that would be great too.  Please contact our Home & School chair Laura McAvoy ( for more information.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

ItemEstimated CostRequested by:Received--Thank You!
Paint and supplies for Lunch Rooms$400School
Snow blower (new or used)$800 to $1,000School
Girls Soccer Uniforms$1,500Jr. High
Basketballs, Footballs and Soccer Balls$100-$200Whole schoolReceived-Thanks!
Sand table$80Primary, One & Two
Board games & puzzles$500Elementary & Jr. HighReceived-Thanks!
Play kitchen set$100-$200P-2Received-Thanks!
Electric Piano$1,000-$1,500P-9