Bicentennial Character Education

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Bicentennial Character Education

This year at Bicentennial we are incorporating character education into how we create and maintain a positive learning environment. Character education is a deliberate effort to cultivate positive personal attributes and civility among our students. It is a whole-school effort to create a community in which positive attitudes, values and behaviours are fostered. Character Education would mean that the teaching of these virtues is woven into the curriculum. There is no Character Education “program”. It is not a subject. It is not an add-on.

As a school, we will examine a particular character trait each month and take part in discussions, both in and out of the classroom. These traits are also shared with our parent community to promote involvement and a strong, cohesive school community. Bicentennial continues to emphasize high standards and academic excellence. Equally important is the knowledge and understanding of how to build and sustain effective personal relationships, and how to participate responsibly and effectively in society. Embedding Character Education into our school culture will ultimately support the growth, resiliency, success and wellness for our student body.

7 Keys to School Character Education

1. All adults must treat students with respect
2. All adults must treat other adults with respect when students are present
3. Schools need to expect good character of all its members.
4. We must model positive character. We must practice what we preach, but also preach what we practice.
5. We must provide opportunities for children to practice good character.
6. Students need opportunities to talk about, debate and reflect on moral issues within the curriculum.
7. Parents should be actively and positively involved in the school’s Character Education efforts. Parents are the primary influences on children’s character development.

Monthly Character Traits